intimité révélée

In a dance world that continues to operate in a binary way and driven by heteronormative stories, iconography, and esthetics, “Intimité Révélée” intends to show scenes of intimacy between queer couples through dance, to normalize what queer love could look like on stage and in dance films.

Natasha Adorlee / Ballet22

Dance, Dance, Evolution

“When I dance, that is my true gender.” In Dance, Dance, Evolution six trans-identified people explore their relationship to dance over time. As one participant says, “What I feel when I’m dancing is the very decomposition of myself.” This short, joyful documentary looks at the ways in which the body in motion opens up the spaces between gender, race, and time, producing pleasure in indeterminacy.

Jules Rosskam

Cold Piss

Relationships can be complicated. Two people undergoing a forging of themselves for the sake of love, union, and a committed front. Dreams on the other hand are all encompassing.

Miguel Zarate


This piece is dedicated to all of the Black queer men who have ever felt like they weren’t good enough because the world has let them down. May this video serve as healing for them.

Kemar Jewel

Hands Performance

Taking its title from the well-known element of vogue fem, the film highlights a dancer’s ability to tell a story with their hands. It continues Rashaad’s exploration of mapping Black cultural production as a form of movement research, data storage, and collective wayfinding. The film innovatively celebrates a community often forgotten by decentering ableism and privileging the ASL Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Rashaad Newsome and Johnny Symons

Man to Man

This portrait of professional tango dancers Lucas DiGiorgio and Juampy Ramírez challenges narrow conceptions of masculinity that are prevalent in tango iconography. Set to the classic tango “Mano a Mano” (Hand to Hand) as performed by Hugo Diaz, the piece transforms the meaning of the phrase “hand-to-hand” from hands hitting each other in combat to hands holding each other in tenderness, an embrace that hovers on the ambiguous edge of desire.

Juliet McMains


“Angelina” is a queer love story that slips into your heart like a fog-infused memory and lingers for a while after, reminding you so sweetly of a love that’s slipped away.

Wilder Project

Shape of Grief

SHAPE OF GRIEF speaks to the deep loneliness of loss (even when the memory of those we’ve lost never leaves) and the healing power of art.

Ali Pickard


Mers Tran (they/them) is an asexual and genderqueer Vietnamese-American creative, community organizer, and educator. With 15 years of dance, they promote Old Way Vogue in Oakland’s queer ballroom scene.

Mers Tran

Fashion Blogger

What is Fashion? Fashion should be whatever makes us our most authentic self. In this film, artists dress up in their favorite outfits and celebrate freedom and authenticity through movement. Every soul is a fashion icon in their own way.

Iris Gao

Revel in Your Body

Revel In Your Body is a dance short film directed by Katherine Helen Fisher and starring Alice Sheppard and Laurel Lawson of Kinetic Light.

Kinetic Light

Yo Brillo

“A conversation with my parents, 6 years after coming out. realizing that time is such an important aspect in healing.”

Emiliano Jimenez

You Sooo Black!

To create visibility for not only black men but the strength of black gay men. This piece speaks to the struggle, beauty, and existence of black people. Taking pride in who we are, what we look like, and what makes us special.

Lyrik London

Queer Salsa: How One Nonbinary Couple Leads and Follows

Non-binary couple Audrey Guerrero and Angie Egea, a.k.a. “The Kueen & Queen of Non-Binary Afro Latin Dance,” performs and teaches classes that break down traditional gender roles in salsa dancing.

KQED Arts/Audrey Guerrero and Angie Egea

Viva la Vulgar

The video unapologetically celebrates the least commercially represented communities. The communities who’s “vulgarities” are fetishised or vilified by the patriarchy. Every artist and collaborator identified in this video is within the AFAB LBTQIA++ spectrums. A video for us by us.

Kimberley Collins

My House

This piece is inspired by the home we find and create in ourselves, the home we feel in our beloveds and the love that connects us, and in remembering our home and unquestionable belonging to this earth, universe and life.

Michi Osato/ Sister Selva


• New Parkway Theater is ADA Accessible
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Land Acknowledgement

Dear Queer Dancer recognizes that Queer Dance Film Festival takes place in the territory of Huichin, part of the stolen land of the Chochenyo Muwekma Ohlone, the successors of the historic and sovereign Verona Band of Alameda County.

We acknowledge the land and labor of the Ohlone people, whose connection to this land we remember, and whose presence—past, present, and future—we respect.

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